GigaOm Interview with Steve Blank: Entrepreneurs As Artists


“I believe that entrepreneurs, at their heart, are artists, not engineers…. If you think about how we’ve taught art and music for the last several hundred years, we teach theory, and we teach immersive practice. But when you graduate from art or music school, we don’t say then, ‘Make me something in G major,’ or ‘Paint me a picture that’s orange.’ What comes out from the great artist is something completely unexpected. We don’t say, ‘Make me Starry Night.’ So, I believe that world-class entrepreneurs, who are just really, really good, understand something that’s driven by passion. And by the way, if you believe that, that just kind of explains why we might need a different way to teach entrepreneurship and how you can almost spot the world’s best entrepreneurs. They’re creative. They’re passionate. They’re connected to their subject.”

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