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Apply to The ARK Challenge Fall 2014 Program in Central Arkansas

The ARK Challenge Demo Day Scheduled for November 8th

Agricultural Food Systems
Agricultural Food Systems (AFS) is a company focused on transforming food quality measurement. AFS offers a new product to assess meat tenderness accurately: the TenderID.

Hugh Lawson Hembree, V | Siloam Springs, AR |

Btiques is a powerful new way for independent fashion boutique stores to interact and sell limited quantity items online in the mobile and social media space.

Sara Beck and Will Carter | Kansas City, MO, and Fayetteville, AR |

CayMay Education
Offering accredited programs from primary schools to career training, CayMay Education is an open app platform where teachers create lessons & sell for $1 each.

Xuan Linh (Lincoln) Vu | Boca Raton, FL |

Earn & Play
Earn & Play is the first mobile app that connects brands with customers at the store shelf.

Pablo Arellano, Jr. | Cincinnati, OH |

EpicPledge is a mobile application that leverages upon social forces to give people that extra push to accomplish their goals.

Weiting Tan and Anthony Chew | Singapore, Singapore |

Farmeto is a web-based tool for connecting small farmers with retailers in an online marketplace.

Colin Shaw, David Tanner and Sam Friday | Fayetteville, AR |

Mass Vector
Mass Vector is a web-based Software-as-a-Service that provides real-time analytics and progressive demand prediction based on individual UPCs. Resulting data packages empower e-commerce companies to make critical decisions with ease.

Ben Hundley and Adam Vanderbush | Fayetteville, AR |

Minewhat provides a cloud-based, pattern-informed “re-engagement” platform to ecommerce businesses to increase user conversion rate and revenue.

Janakiram (Ram) Ganesan and Pavan Kumar Thiruvuru Vijayan | Bangalore, India |

Refurrl leverages your social networks to make it easy for you to sell to and buy from the people you trust the most, your friends.

Zackery Hill, Alex Chalupka, Jonathan Peoples and Gabe Couch | Conway, AR |

SavvySync provides startups with targeted discovery of beta users and customers. SavvySync sifts through Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn to find early adopters that experience pain points startups’ products solve.

Jonathan (Yoni) Trope and Pavan (Niel) Malhotra | Manhattan, NY |

Sooligan digitalizes word-of-mouth. We make it easier, quicker, and fun for you to find and share information about any city in the world with newcomers and locals.

Natasia Malaihollo and Nikka Umil | Berkeley, CA |

SpareTime is an engagement platform for advancing social good that provides organizations with a way to market their projects to the newest generation of volunteers and donors.

Aron Shelton and Alyssa Snyder | Fayetteville, AR |

StackSearch has invented a cloud-powered product search server that will reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions for our ecommerce clients.

Mark Brandon and Sloan Ahrens | Fayetteville, AR |

Streamix is a crowd-curated, streamlined way for creating the perfect music experience.

Chuong Nguyen, Josh Pham and Kenny Cason | Fayetteville, AR |

By building a marketing software, and social network for food trucks and their customers to interact, Truckily will build exploration and location sharing into an easy to digest app for the hungry to find great mobile bites.

Derek Kean and Matthew Berkland | Kansas City, MO |

Demo Day Schedule
8:00 Registration
9:00:00 Welcome
9:15:00 Startup pitches
12:15:00 Dr. Rankin with UofA to introduce Governor Mike Beebe
12:30:00 Closing remarks and lunch
1:30:00 Announcement of selected companies
4:00 Pack up

8:00 Afterparty at Table Mesa on Bentonville Square

Register NOW – Limited seating

ARK Mentor Kristian Andersen Talks “Anatomy of a Startup Ecosystem” at Made By Few

View the slide deck here at SlideShare.

At the Made by Few conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, driving force and a key mentor of The ARK Kristian Andersen identifies 10 different stacks that make up a startup ecosystem and relates them to Arkansas.

So, where do YOU fit in? We want to know what you think and how you will contribute to our building of a strong, active startup ecosystem in The Natural State (or are we again the Land of Opportunity?). Because you’re a part of this.

Characterize the work you’re doing, where you fit in, what you think we need to do, what we’re doing right, how we can improve–you name it. Open call.

GigaOm Interview with Steve Blank: Entrepreneurs As Artists


“I believe that entrepreneurs, at their heart, are artists, not engineers…. If you think about how we’ve taught art and music for the last several hundred years, we teach theory, and we teach immersive practice. But when you graduate from art or music school, we don’t say then, ‘Make me something in G major,’ or ‘Paint me a picture that’s orange.’ What comes out from the great artist is something completely unexpected. We don’t say, ‘Make me Starry Night.’ So, I believe that world-class entrepreneurs, who are just really, really good, understand something that’s driven by passion. And by the way, if you believe that, that just kind of explains why we might need a different way to teach entrepreneurship and how you can almost spot the world’s best entrepreneurs. They’re creative. They’re passionate. They’re connected to their subject.”