David Moody


David is Founder of Jacksson David (COO services and business consulting firm) and StartupDad, COO for Innovis Labs-Overwatch (mobile gaming platform), and a CEO Forum leader.  David also holds a board position with Winkelman Storage Battery and is an investor and mentor in a number of startup technology companies.  He has degrees in Public Administration from the University of Central Arkansas (Honors) and the University of Houston.  He joined the federal service through the Presidential Management Internship Program and worked for NASA and in the aerospace industry for 14 years.  During that time he served as a program analyst, manager and consultant for the Shuttle, Space Lab and Space Station programs.  Since leaving the aerospace industry, David has owned and operated several businesses in the fields of risk management, retail and business consulting.  As a business consultant focused on startup and technology businesses, he was worked with a variety companies to commercialize products and services in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical devices, software development and energy technology.  David also served as the Deputy Director of the Arkansas Energy Office where he was responsible for developing the staff and organization to administer $52M in federal grants that funded thirteen major programs and dozens of individual projects across Arkansas.  Finally, following his passion for entrepreneurship and education, David currently serves on the boards of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and the EAST Initiative, non-profits dedicated to education, technology training and supporting startup companies.

David is a devoted husband, father and Christian and volunteers with the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality at Work, Work Matters and The ARK where he focuses his efforts in the areas mentoring, business startups and servant leadership.  He has developed programs in those areas and enjoys speaking and writing on leadership, developing organizational culture, and entrepreneurship.