Dustin O. Williams


Dustin started life as a developer, which influences his design. He draws on keen understanding, experience, seeing, and confidence to design with clean lines and strong user focus. Dustin has worked for many Fortune 500 companies, often employing user research to focus on usability. One of those companies being Microsoft. Dustin was recruited to work with Microsoft (Pioneer Studios Seattle) to help develop the User Interface for Microsoft’s KIN Mobile Device.
Dustin’s many specialties all have “user experience” at their core. They include Branding, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design and Usability. His other skills also include: User Interface Prototyping, Storyboarding and Wireframing Scenarios, Information Architecture, Mobile Device Interaction and Social Device Interaction. Dustin is an amazingly well-rounded and an intelligent creative director. With a strong user experience background and deep understanding of the production process, Dustin is well equipped to conceive innovative experiences, but also manage the execution of those ideas down to the pixel.
Dustin has been an expert in Web Design, User Experience, and Visual Design for over 13 years. He has been privileged to have either worked with Microsoft E&D, Microsoft Zune, Microsoft PMX, Microsoft Mobile, and TEAGUE.