Ellen Brune


Ellen Brune, PhD is an award winning presenter and the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Boston Mountain Biotech (www.mtnbio.com) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Ellen’s PhD work set the stage for the development of a new technology to simplify the pharmaceutical production of protein therapeutics.  These drugs have the potential to treat a variety of diseases and health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, arthritis and macular degeneration. Utilizing this technology, Boston Mountain Biotech’s mission is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by providing protein purification solutions that result in recently developed drugs moving to the patient faster, while simultaneously lowering the cost of manufacturing, an $8B a year market.  Her research has been funded by over $1M in grants from the National Science Foundation and the Arkansas Biosciences Institute. Ellen was part of the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program where she received lean startup training by industry guru Steve Blank. This training in conjunction with coaching by Arkansas’ Carol Reeves, helped her to win national business plan competitions, the Nebraska Innovation Challenge and the Arkansas Governor’s Cup, and be a finalist at the New Venture Championship in Oregon. Recently, Ellen has been providing consulting services in the areas of patent development, research validation, commercialization studies, and technology transfer agreements. Ellen is also working with the University of Arkansas to foster STEM education and develop an entrepreneurship curriculum geared towards training scientists in demand driven innovation.


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