Jeff Amerine, PMP

jeffamerineJeff joined the University of Arkansas Technology Licensing Office in February 2008 after enjoying a successful, 18-year career building technology businesses. His role at the University is to implement effective strategies and methods that lead to commercialization of world-class research. In addition, Jeff teaches entrepreneurship and at the Walton College of Business. Jeff also serves as a consultant to a state program called Innovate Arkansas which is chartered with the creation and support of a knowledge-based economy in Arkansas. Jeff publishes a weekly tech-startup-focused blog sponsored by Arkansas Business and Innovate Arkansas called Techpreneurship. In 2010, Jeff helped found a 21-member, tech- focused, angel investment fund called Gravity Ventures Arkansas. Gravity Ventures has already made two significant investments in highly efficient, green technology businesses in Arkansas in 2011. Jeff’s career has involved creating, financing and deploying high-tech telecommunications and information technology products and services. He has held senior leadership positions in seven startup ventures and three Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining the university, Jeff served as the vice president and general manager for KonaWare Transportation and Logistics, a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley that focused on mobile software solutions. Jeff holds a BS, Physical Science from the United States Naval Academy, an MS in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas, and is pursuing a doctorate in workforce development education at the University of Arkansas. Jeff is a certified project management professional (PMP) in good standing since 2002.

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