Jinhee Kim

jinheekimSnapette co-founder Jinhee Kim attended Harvard College, and joined Bain & Co as an associate consultant fresh out of college. She realized pretty quickly that she wanted to be in the fashion industry, and was offered and accepted a job as a Senior Merchandiser during an informational interview at Liz Claiborne in the 80s.

Working on the business side of fashion, Kim quickly got the itch to move over to the design side, and on a whim took some charcoal figure drawings she had created at a Saturday community college class to the dean at Parsons in New York. She was accepted into their fashion design program on the spot, and after graduation worked as a senior menswear designer at Ralph Lauren.

In the mid- to late-90s, Kim lived in Singapore, Tokyo and Hawaii, married and had three kids. Always an early adapter of technology (she bought every first release of any Apple product out there, and at one time owned a Blackberry, Android, Windows7 and iPhone at the same time), she created the True-Learning early learning curriculum to fill a void for her youngest child who was asking for “homework” like her older sibs. True-Learning was one of the early children’s educational apps when the app store first launched, and hit the #1 spot in several countries.

After moving to London in 2010, and wanting to get to know the neighborhood shops, Kim went online to research stores in Notting Hill and Portobello Market. But once she got out of the tube station and headed down the main street, she was at a loss where to start looking for cool stuff. And she was hungry. “So I pulled out my iPhone and searched for some restaurants using Yelp and Foodspotting,” she explains. “I thought to myself, there are all these cool apps that help you discover places to eat, but there isn’t anything that tells me where I can find a cute pair of shoes right around the corner”…”. And thus the idea for Snapette was born.

“Initially the idea was to bring my Sunday afternoon window shopping experience to my iPhone. Then it grew from there.” The creation of Snapette merges Kim’s two loves – fashion and tech.