Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan B&W PhotoMike McMillan is a computer programmer, industry trainer, textbook author and college professor with over 30 years experience in programming and IT. Mike is an expert in several computer programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript) and is conversant in several other languages (Ruby, Python, PHP, Scheme). 

Mike has been a full-time instructor of Computer Information Systems at Pulaski Technical College since 1999 and has been an adjunct instructor of Information Science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock since 2005. He has designed the curriculum for over 20 college courses, including courses in computer programming, HTML and CSS, dynamic web page design, data structures and algorithms, assembly language, and web and systems administration scripting.

Mike has published 8 computer programming textbooks, covering introductory programming through data structures and algorithms. Mike is also the author of over twenty trade and peer-reviewed articles on computer programming and scripting for systems administration. In addition, Mike has produced over 200 hours of video instruction in several different programming languages and programming environments for Infinite Skills and Skillsoft.