Roger Best

Roger Best B&W PicRoger Best is the CEO and founder of BizTek Connection, Inc., having incorporated it in August of 2007.  Prior to incorporating, the business was providing the same services under a different name, Best Associates, LLC.  Roger first got into the IT industry in the early 80’s when “Ma Bell” was broken up into multiple “Baby Bells”.  He started a couple of “reseller” companies that resold long distance services at a discount.  And with that beginning, his passion for technology has only grown.

Roger has always said that he’s a business man first and a technology enthusiast second.  He believes it is important to remember that business needs should always drive technological change.  Shiny new technology can be tempting, but does it meet the business need?  Sometimes that latest technology can help you reach your business goals, but business goals have to be the ruler by which you measure success.  It’s a mistake to look at technology and then look at where you can implement that technology within the business.  Some IT companies get that part wrong and BizTek Connection refuses to fall prey to that mistake!

BizTek Connection, Inc. delivers proactive, flat-rate, Managed IT Services to organizations right here in Arkansas.  This proactive approach can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of downtime.  We look for signs of trouble that is yet to come, in order to correct the issues BEFORE they create real trouble for your business.