Tim McFarland

timmcfarlandTim has been serving leaders of organizations since 1978 and leading organizations since 1988. He has had the opportunity to serve as CEO of a commercial bank as well as in the private sector. Having participated in commercial banking in three different states and as a commercial lender, head of commercial banking, as chief credit officer and chief executive officer and then as chief executive officer in the private sector has enabled Tim to have a wide range of experience and first hand knowledge and understanding of a rather large case history of situations and outcomes. Tim served as President of the Pinnacle Group, Scottsdale, AZ, a group of five diverse businesses and other holdings with majority ownership held by the founder of Giant Industries, an NYSE company (GI). Currently CEO of Elevate Performance, LLC, dba Elevate, Tim had the opportunity in the first decade of 2000 forward to serve Arkansas by helping develop the foundation and growth of Arkansas’ entrepreneurial and knowledge-based economy acting as the Founding Chairman of Accelerate Arkansas and the Arkansas Venture Forum. Today, Elevate serves over 30 organizational leaders as a member of one of three CEO Forums where the focus is to help elevate each members performance.